We provide of our means to support the following Missions / Works


  • Waldron Missions (waldronmissions.org)
  • Gospel Chariot Missions (gospelchariot.org)
  • Wade Phillips Missions (thegospelplan.com)
    • Sponsored by the Elkmont church of Christ (elkmontchurchofchrist.org)
  • World Evangelism (www.worldevangelism.org)
    • Sponsored by the Liberty Church of Christ (www.libertycoc.org)

Local - Awareness:

  • House to House Heart to Heart (www.housetohouse.com)
    • Subscription / Distribution
  • Newspaper Article every Sunday:  Where In The Bible Will I Find
    • We are one of several local churches of Christ that sponsors this work

Local - Benevolence:

  • Children Orphan's Home
  • Community Pantry and Emergency Help