Organized in 1837, the Smyrna Church of Christ is believed to be one of the first congregation of the Lord’s church in Warren County.

Facts concerning the organization are available through the church record kept by Thomas Myers.  Brother Myers was the first secretary of the church, and listed the record of organization as follows: (taken from Southern Standard article) “New Smyrna congregation was organized at the McGregor School House on June 7, 1837, by elders John Myers and Isaac Jones in Warren County, Tennessee, 5 miles south of McMinnville.  The members, then present unanimously adopted the following basis of union and church fellowship (namely):

            We, whose names are signed below, feeling it our earnest duty and high privilege to worship Almighty God as the Holy bible directs, agree to organize ourselves into a congregation of Disciples or Christians to be known in the future by the name of New Smyrna Church or congregation, and to choose from among the brethren, suitable officers to rule over us and to labor in work and doctrine as the word of God directs.”

            In an effort to restore Christianity to its pristine purity, the early churches were called “Christian churches” but later “church of Christ” became more prevalent.

            John Myers and Isaac Jones were chosen as elders, as mentioned above, and Henderson McGregor and Ranghley Martin were selected as deacons.  Brother Myers and his wife were buried in the churchyard at his request.

            The congregation apparently worshipped in the Old McGregor School until the first church building was built in the late 1800’s at a cost of $700.

            A new block building was constructed in 1950.  The first sermon in this building was delivered by Brother Rufe Higgins, in 1950.  Annual gospel meetings have been held during the same period each year.  The practice of beginning the meeting on the first Sunday in August originated in 1869.

            The building was remodeled in 1975-1976

            A great number of renovations were made to the inside of the building in 1984 to facilitate the work and fellowship among the brethren.

            In recent years, installation of an automated external defibrillator (AED), expansion of the fellowship and kitchen area, plus improvements to the auditorium and entries have been accomplished.

            The influence of the Smyrna congregation has been great throughout the years.  Many of the most prominent preachers in the brotherhood have stood in its pulpit; the truth has ever been the standard of the message at Smyrna.  In the Bible classes the scripture is the basis of authority; the teachers have always realized this and honorably upheld their duties.

            The present congregation serves as an example of God’s people, a light to those of the community and beyond.  Let us always remember our mission and our blessing.